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Our Dining Room Is Open

For Lunch and Dinner, New House Of Cheng Chinese Restaurant is a Tucson, Arizona hidden gem. New House Of Cheng is a new restaurant but the online reviews speak for us. We invite you and your friends to join us daily for breakfast, lunch and dinners that will leave your stomach and your wallet full. New House Of Cheng serves traditional Chinese dinners until 8PM every night of the week! Happy to be a part of the neighborhood in Tucson, just outside of the Seguaro National Park. We look forward to serving you our hearty American breakfasts and delicious, Chinese dishes for lunch and dinner.

General Tso Chicken

A plate of General Tso’s Chicken will win the battle against hunger every time. Plenty to share so no need for a family fued. Served for lunch and dinner with white rice and broccoli so you’ll get your vegetables.
General Tso's Chicken Dinner Plate

Family Dining

New House Of Cheng is a Family Restaurant. Whether your family is 2 or 20 we have enough room.

Now Serving Breakfast!

New House Of Cheng Chinese Restaurant is proud to announce that we are now serving breakfast! Every morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. you can stop in for all of your morning food favorites. We serve classic American breakfast dishes like eggs and bacon or sausage with toast. But we also have interesting dishes as well like the Asparagus and Ham Scrambler. Or if you prefer something from across the pond we have our Belgian Waffle or French Toast Supreme Breakfast. Wake up with New House Of Cheng Chinese Restaurant for breakfast.

Enjoy Your Meal

We enjoy providing Fresh, Quality ingredients in all of our Chinese and American Dishes. We want you and your family to truly feel at home when you dine with us and have a hot meal when you carry out. We keep our prices fair so you can afford to eat here multiple times a week. See you soon!

What Are You Hungry For?


Monday - Sunday 7AM - 8PM
Serving American Breakfast
& Chinese Lunch / Dinner


New House Of Cheng
5975 W Western Way Circle #115
Tucson, AZ 85713

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